Custom Order Info & Examples

Are you interested in a custom, one-of-a-kind weaving of your favorite place or memory? If so, please keep reading to learn more about custom weavings and the commission process.

  • I will have 2-3 commission spots available every few months. I will list the day and time that they will be up for grabs, and the sizes that will be offered, on my website and social media. 
  • I will do my best to offer a variety of sizes every few months, but if you are interested in a certain size and I am not offering it in an upcoming drop, please email me and let me know what size you are interested in and I will do my best to include it in the next offering of custom pieces.


Below is the custom order process from purchase to finished weaving!

  1. Custom weaving spots will be listed individually on my website under the ‘Commissions → Order a Custom Weaving’ dropdown menu button.
    1. There will be individual listings for each custom order spot, and these will be labeled as Small Custom Weaving, Medium Custom Weaving, etc.
  2. To secure a commission spot, you must purchase one of the custom weaving listings, depending on your desired size, and pay a non-refundable $25 deposit.
  3. After you pay for the listing, I will email you a pricing sheet, as well as a Google form to be filled out. You must complete and submit the Google form within 48 hours. 
    1. If you don't fill this out within 48 hours, the custom listing will be placed back on my website and will be available for other customers.
  4. Once you fill out the Google form and attach any pictures you'd like me to use as a reference, I will email you a picture of the fibers I'll use and a sketch outlining your desired piece within 72 hours. We will fine tune any details or questions over email until you're happy with the sketch and the fibers pulled for the piece.
  5. When you sign off on the sketch and fibers, I will email you a quote of the final weaving price based on the details we have discussed.
  6. Once the quote has been approved, I will send you an invoice for 50% of the total weaving price.
  7. After the invoice has been paid, I will begin working on your piece. Weaving time for a custom piece will take anywhere from 6-10 weeks.
    1. I will check in with you when I get halfway through the piece to make sure you like the direction it’s going and we can discuss any fine tuning at that time.
  8. When I finish the piece, I will send you pictures of the completed weaving, and email you an invoice for the remaining balance, minus the initial $25 deposit.
    1. US clients will be sent an invoice with automatic free economy shipping, however if the client would like to pay for expedited shipping, they may choose that and pay the remaining balance + the shipping.
    2. International clients will be sent an invoice where they can choose their desired shipping rate to pay for in addition to their remaining balance.
    3. Regardless of US or International shipping, I will pay to insure the full value of the piece in case it gets lost or damaged in transit.
  9. I will ship the weaving within 2 business days and you will receive an email with tracking information.

        Lastly, please note:

          • Your custom weaving will never be replicated, and is completely one-of-a-kind.
          • When you purchase a custom weaving, you consent to the posting of progress photos and videos on my social media account(s). However, I will always share the completed piece with you first, before posting it on my social media or website.


        Sizing and Pricing

         Small (10" x 13-19") $430-$442
        Medium (13.5" x 18-23") $513-$550
        Large (18" x 19-28") $913-$976
        X-Large 3/4 size* (25" x 20-26") $1,245-$1,328
        X-Large Full Size* (25" x 26-32")


        *X-Large loom is adjustable, so please note the 3/4 size is landscape orientation, and the full size is square.


        Please take a look at the Gallery page for examples of past custom work!