Care Tips

   Here are some tips on how to hang your weaving in your space and care for it over time.

   Your weaving should be hung indoors, in indirect light, as the colors will fade over time in direct sunlight. For small and medium pieces, hang the dowel rod on one nail, and for large and x-large pieces, hang the dowel rod on two evenly spaced nails.

   During shipping, fibers may get kinked or tangled. After carefully unwrapping your weaving, hold it by the dowel rod and gently shake it to fluff the fibers back up. Once mounted, please use the provided comb to untangle and straighten the fringe fibers.

   Over time, your weaving may accumulate dust, at which point you can remove it from the wall and shake it, or lightly pat the back of the piece to remove dust. Please do not use a lint roller on the piece as the fibers are very delicate.

   Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns about your piece, please contact me at