I'm Adrienne, the face behind Painted Sky Textiles, and I weave colorful, textural, fiber art inspired by nature and memories

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I love collaborating with clients on a custom weaving, creating a special piece for them based on a favorite place or memory.

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  • "Adrienne made two small pieces for me about a year ago, and every time I look at either of them, I somehow simultaneously catch my breath AND breathe easier. Not only is her work technically mind-blowing, she’s able to invoke sense and memory and emotion in such a beautifully thoughtful and subtle way. I’m BEYOND excited to grow my collection of her work."


  • "Our weaving means so much to us. I sent Adrienne an assortment of random photos of our wedding venue and  she created a stunning piece that perfectly captures the feeling of the beach on that day. We hung it up in our house so that it's the first thing you see when you walk in and every time we come home we are not only reminded of a happy day, but energized by the weaving's beautiful colors and textures. Looking at the weaving has the same effect on me as looking at a real sunset - I instantly relax and let out a happy sigh. Because of Adrienne's artistry and the great materials she uses, it feels like bringing a little slice of nature into our home. We are already plotting to commission another piece!"


  • "Adrienne wove the sunsetty Tucson (Arizon) desertscape of my dreams! From the cloud puffs and canyon shadows to the vibrant sky and frizzy saguaros, every texture and color reminds me of home. Adrienne is not only an extremely talented artist but also a collaborative one. She weaves not only fibers but also ideas - effortlessly entwining your inspiration with her own. I’ll cherish my Painted Sky piece for life."


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