About Me

I’m Adrienne Lee, a landscape fiber artist based out of Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in a small town in South Carolina and moved to Chicago in 2014. I began weaving a few years ago after a friend and fellow fiber artist gave me a weaving lesson, and I was immediately hooked. I’ve always loved skies and nature, so I found my love of landscape weaving pretty quickly, and that’s where my Painted Sky journey began. My work is first and foremost inspired by the sky, but knowing that I wanted to weave more than skies, I looked at landscapes and seascapes for inspiration, especially those found in the south: the beaches at Kiawah Island and Isle of Palms, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the open fields that you can find on almost any back country road in my small hometown. I enjoy working with clients to weave a special memory for them, as well as create my own idyllic moments from my imagination or a picture. I love getting lost in the puffy, dream worlds that I create, and I hope you get lost in them too.

When I’m not weaving, you can find me catching a movie or a play, singing and playing my guitar, or hanging out with friends at the beach on Lake Michigan. Thank you for being here!